Rose Water For Hair

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Rose Water for Hair

Rose Water for Hair

rose water

Imagine the pleasant scent of fresh roses lacing your strands, while infusing your hair with moisture as it coats the tresses. Rose water is one of the earth’s best kept secrets. Many fail to realize just how many healing properties that rose water has.

Rose water can be recognized first and foremost for its lovely scent! Refresh day old hair with a rose water spritz; it has the potential to make your hair look, feel, and smell a new!

The porosity of your hair will stabilize as well with one of nature’s fine elements. The pH value of rose water is closer to that of the hair in its optimal state, therefore, it works to repair the porosity. This allows the hair to retain the proper amount of moisture in; and the cuticle will remain smooth.

Rose water is made from soaking rose petals in distilled water. This extracts the nutrients from the roses and puts them into the water. There are no artificial ingredients in pure rose water.

Rose water can be found at your local grocery store in the international food isle.  Don’t hesitate to try rose water, this is safe for use on natural or relaxed hair; you will love it for at least one of its nourishing properties!  Happy Healthy Hair Growing!