are you ripping your hair out

Are You Ripping Your Hair Out?

Are You Ripping Your Hair Out?

I was having a conversation with my mom and she was telling me how much breakage she had been experiencing.  She did not know what it was coming from; needless to say, she had become frustrated and fed up.  There are many who experience excessive breakage and shedding, but do not know what to attribute it to.  Sometimes it is not always a product or a condition that is holding us back from achieving optimal results for our hair, but we are sometimes the culprit.  After inquiring about her hair regimen, I found out precisely the cause of my mom’s breakage – she was!

My mom, who is a transitioner, after years of relaxing, has plenty to learn about hair care.  There are little steps that we must take to preserve our hair’s beauty and health.  The number one thing that most naturals know NOT to do – comb the hair while dry!  My mother had been combing through her dry hair, manipulating it, and styling it in its dry state.  Oh how I sympathize with her scalp and hair.  That is a Big No-No Ladies and Gents. Never comb through kinky, coily, curly hair that is completely dry; such behavior spells disaster! Also, when you do decide to comb through your dampened hair, always comb from ends to roots to avoid snatching the hair out.  Small tips like these will do you a world of good if you keep them in mind.

The proper way to Detangle post is coming soon!  Happy healthy hair growing!

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