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My Soap Seduction Mini Haul!

My Soap Seduction Mini Haul

soap seduction soapsI love purchasing natural products! I love to use them for my hair, body, and skin!  Natural, handmade soaps are a real treat for me.  After a long stretch of trying to hold out using my beloved Dr. Bronner’s and Kirk’s Castile soaps, I had to go ahead and treat myself to some decadent treasures from the Soap Seduction!  These soaps are the yummiest (yes I say yummy b/c they smell so good, you’ll wanna taste them) soaps out there.  Not only do they smell delicious, but they cleanse gently, yet thoroughly, without stripping the body of its natural oils.  These are ideal for dry skin, eczema, and even help with acne prone skin.

I like the creativity of the products that Patrice @the Soap Seduction makes and sells; you will not be able to find anything in the stores like them!  The love that goes into the soaps definitely shine through; this sister whips the soaps up in the kitchen like she’s whipping up some sweet potato pies; the soaps are just as scrumptious!  In a suffering economy, I like to support the entrepreneurs/small business owners (esp the sisters and brothers out there) and the handmade market is just a treasure on its own.  I’ll be updating you all with a review of some of her soaps in the future!  Check her out, I’m sure you’ll love it too!  Featured in the picture are some of the soaps that I’ve purchased recently which include – the Ginger Cake Soap, Chocolate Donut Soaps, Eat me Not Vanilla Cake Soap, and the Milk and Honey Cocoa Butter soap.  I couldn’t wait to crack open the box.

I am spotlighting the Soap Seduction totally voluntary and I was not given any free products for the feature post above. I simply love these soaps :)