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Natural Hair Softener and Moisturizer

Natural Hair Softener and Moisturizer

shea butter natural hair softener moisturizer 4b

Shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel combine to create a wonderful moisturizer. The three elements to the mixture all prove to encompass their own specialties; when they come together, it creates a heavenly mixture. I’m not sure who initially thought of the mixture and put it together, but the mix definitely does wonders for natural hair. Therefore, whoever you are out there – thanks are in order!!!

I create my whipped Shea butter mixture based on consistency, as I do not measure the ingredients out exactly. Here is a guide that you may find useful:

  1. Begin with the shea butter as the base (place it in a small container for storage)
  2. Melt the shea slightly (30 sec or so) in the microwave to soften up the texture
  3. Stir in the aloe vera gel adding small amounts until you get a nice creamy consistency (you may end up with about half as much AV Gel as you used shea butter)
  4. Add about a tablespoon or so of coconut oil
  5. Mix the elements up well blending them all together and let the shea cool/settle
  6. VOILA – you have your perfect mix of “sheacocoaloe”

Try it out as it softens, moisturizes, and seals all in one for my 4b hair! Happy Healthy Hair Growing!

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair

coconut oilExtra Virgin Coconut Oil is known for its beneficial qualities from its culinary uses to its many healing properties. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, commonly recognized as EVCO, is produced in the best way to retain the highest content of nutrients in its purest form. Few know of the greatness it does for the hair, I am here to share what I have gathered from using EVCO.

  1. Coconut oil is very light on the strands and is one of the few oils with moisturizing properties.
  2. EVCO can be used as a base for other oils, such as castor oil or essential oils.
  3. May be used as a deep conditioner by itself, free of other agents, to condition the hair naturally. There is no risk of over-conditioning with EVCO, as the hair will just soak it right up.
  4. Great for Pre-Poo treatments, as it protects the hair from the drying effects of sulfate-laden shampoos.
  5. Seals in moisture and leave-ins.
  6. Wonderful for scalp massages because it is so light.
  7. Lightly conditions hair and does not cause a greasy, weighed down feel.
  8. Helps in length retention when applied to ends consistently.

Relaxed and Naturals may enjoy the many benefits that coconut oil has to offer. Try some out and see if your hair loves it as much as mine does. Happy Healthy Hair Growing!