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Comment on Benefits of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) for Hair by Deb
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Please share Talisha,I have patients but all the things I’ve tried have failed me.

Comment on Natural Hair Restorers by Deb
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I really didn’t know these three simply things could promote hait growth.

Comment on What Are the Best Tips for Hair Regrowth? by deb
http://blackhaircareblog.com/what-are-the-best-tips-for-hair-regrowth/comment-page-1/#comment-18187 deb
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I have hair loss in the center of my head,tried a lot but i haven’t tried these tips-thanks i will try.

Comment on What Are the Best Tips for Hair Regrowth? by Keranique
http://blackhaircareblog.com/what-are-the-best-tips-for-hair-regrowth/comment-page-1/#comment-17844 Keranique
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It requires a great deal of patience and knowledge to maintain a healthy hair.Thanks for sharing this useful information! Hope that you will continue with the kind of stuff you are doing.

Comment on Transitioning to Natural Hair: Where to Begin? by Debby Chien
http://blackhaircareblog.com/transitioning-to-natural-hair-where-to-begin/comment-page-1/#comment-16415 Debby Chien
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Many of my clients come to me when trying to transition to natural hair. I’ve always been amazed at how afraid they are of a little water! I always tell them that their new natural hair style will love the water (unlike their old relaxed hair). Great post!

Comment on Q & A: Want straight hair…Natural to Relaxed by Alaina Jhonson
http://blackhaircareblog.com/q-a-want-straight-hair/comment-page-1/#comment-14727 Alaina Jhonson
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Well, if you really want to make sure that your hair will not get damage, the best thing that you must do is to consult a hair expert.Then try using natural products.It would really help a lot.

Comment on Q & A: Want straight hair…Natural to Relaxed by Selina
http://blackhaircareblog.com/q-a-want-straight-hair/comment-page-1/#comment-14448 Selina
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Hi, why relax it, why not just get it pressed, it can last for up to 3 weeks, looks just as straight, and you can wear it natural, too. I wouldn’t ever relax my hair again. I can’t recommend a good product.

Comment on Natural Hair Softener and Moisturizer by All care tips
http://blackhaircareblog.com/natural-hair-softener-and-moisturizer/comment-page-1/#comment-14228 All care tips
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hey it seems great tip. i will try this out

Comment on Benefits of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) for Hair by Talisha
http://blackhaircareblog.com/benefits-of-olive-oil/comment-page-1/#comment-14160 Talisha
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I grew my hair from shoulder length to waist length in two years!!
I will be sharing how I grew my hair and giving out tips for healthy hair. And please don’t think that your hair cant grow long. I promise you I have the most coarse hair and I was able to do it! It is not about your hair texture… its about being patient and consistent with treating your hair.

Comment on Benefits of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) for Hair by Morgan W
http://blackhaircareblog.com/benefits-of-olive-oil/comment-page-1/#comment-13680 Morgan W
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I used to have a lot of breakage and split ends, but i started using olive oil and it moisturizes and strenghthens my hair. i use a treatment once a week.