growing natural hair long length retention

Growing Natural Hair Long: Length Retention

Growing Natural Hair Long: Length Retention

Length retention is the key to growing natural hair beyond the average lengths.  Many use growth aids, saturate the scalp with oils daily, and try to stimulate the scalp as best they can.  We must realize that unless there is a medical condition present, the hair is going to grow regardless of what some may think!  It may seem as though the growth rate may not be the fastest; however, the hair does grow.  The big problem that is not always easy to detect is the fact that the hair is growing, but one may not be able to properly retain the length.

Length retention is an imperative aspect of the hair care journey. The process of length retention includes many elements that one must dissect and take on step at a time.

Do not hold on to split ends. Clip them! Contrary to what that “magical product” on the BSS shelf says, a split end will not be repaired!  It will not magically bond back together, therefore you must cut it. Naturals may not have to trim as often (this really depends on the hair care regimen), but we still have to trim.

Do not pull the knots.  Natural hair produces knots quite often, if naturals are not careful.  The curlier and kinkier the hair, the more knots will be produced.  When you get knots on the ends, do not pull them or tear them off when you are bored.  Knots too must be clipped off!  Clip them and keep the hair detangled regularly.  Stretching the hair and low manipulation are other ways to keep the knots at bay in order to retain length.

Moisturize the ends. Infusing the ends with moisture will allow the ends to remain healthy. This prevents the ends from drying out and snapping easily.

Oil the ends. The process of oiling the ends is also referred to as sealing the ends.  After you have added moisture to your ends, when needed, you will have to use something to keep the moisture in the strands.  Use your favorite oil to lock in the moisture on the ends.

Protect the ends! Keep the ends off of your shoulders and away from the harsh treatment from the elements.  The ends of your hair must be protected in order to see the greatest results.  For some, protecting the ends means hiding the hair under wigs, scarves, or hats.  Buns are great protective styles as well.

The pivotal tip to keep in mind is – the hair grows from the roots, not the ends. The ends are the oldest part of your hair.  It makes sense to have to take care of the ends more than you would with any other section of the strand.  Happy Healthy Hair Growing!

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