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Benefits of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) for Hair

evoo for hairExtra Virgin Olive Oil, also known as EVOO, is a natural remedy to some hair care issues.  EVOO is wonderful for hair.  Consider using EVOO in the following ways:

For Added Slip – EVOO is an oil that may be added to products to provide extra “slip”, which makes the product go through the strands easier; this makes manipulating the hair easier.

As a Detangler – EVOO may also be used as a detangling agent.  The oil may be applied to the hair, and be worked through your coils in order to make detangling a breeze.

As a Sealant – Extra Virgin Olive Oil may be used to “seal” in moisture that comes from moisturizers in order to give the hair an extra layer of protection.

To Enhance Your Conditioner’s Properties – Your conditioner may be fine on its own, but it may be spectacular once you add in evoo.  Through trial and error you can quickly find out if your hair loves added evoo in your conditioner.

For Oiling the Roots or Scalp – If you have a dry scalp or a low production of sebum, consider oiling the scalp with evoo.

As a Deep Conditioner/Hot Oil Treatment– Let the EVOO sit on the hair with a bag on it…add heat if you like and enjoy an all natural DC or a hot oil treatment.

Tips for Controlling Dandruff

Dandruff used to be a serious issue for me.  There were not many days, in my dandruff laden past, that I could go without seeing a flaky scalp.  However, I was able to get it under control and actually, I have ended my dandruff issues completely!

For years and years, a dry, flaky, scalp haunted my head.  I took trips to the dermatologists and all to no permanent relief, until I took my hair care journey in another direction.  I started to see concrete results when I stopped using sulfate shampoos.  Also, I immediately saw results when I stopped chemically relaxing my hair.  However, not everyone will want to take on the same regimen as I have, so in addition to my own personal success tips, you may opt to try a number of things.

Tea tree essential oil, infused in a carrier oil (such as olive oil), will often work to keep the scalp clean of debris.  Try lightly oiling the scalp with the tea tree oil.

Try shampooing the hair with a sulfate-free shampoo or shampoo with a shampoo less often and co-wash in between shampooing.  Conditioner Only washing will keep the scalps natural sebum (oils) in tact, without stripping the hair.

Do not block the pores of the scalp with certain products such as petroleum or mineral oils.  My hair, in its natural form, does not like those products; without them, I remain dandruff- and build-up free!

The acidity balance of the scalp or the pH balance is a contributor to the amount of dryness or oiliness of the scalp as well.  More details to come on pH balance and your hair in the future!!!

Repairing Limp Natural Hair

100_0160When your natural hair is limp, it can be very frustrating.  This is especially true if you have a coarse texture close to that of mine.  If your hair is limp, do not fret just try to access the situation.

Have you heat styled your hair too much?

If so, lay off the heat and opt for roller sets and or alternative styles such as curlformers sets or bantu knot outs for styles that stretch the hair more into cutesy curly looks.

Have you over-manipulated the hair?

Try to do protective styles (braids, buns, twists) that allow the hair to be manipulated less often.

Are you using waaaaaaaaay too much protein without a healthy balance of moisture?  Or are you using a ton of moisture products without enough protein to balance it out?

Try to find the right balance of moisture-protein levels in the hair by evaluating based on the “mushy” or “stiff” feel of the hair.  pH balances in the hair may be off as well, so try to balance it out with apple cider vinegar rinses and similar products.

Be consistent.  Remain patient.  Evaluate results.