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Why Transition To Natural Hair

Is natural hair a fad? Are we fooling ourselves into thinking natural is beautiful? Is mainstream America ready for the Natural/Nappy looking today’s Woman?  Educated and savvy, looking to express some inner need to break free from the image created by Hollywood and Madison Avenue!

I answer a resounding call to break free from the image.  Express who we are with our  heads held high.  Let the world know natural is the NEW beauty.  It is cool to be nappy, cool to have curls, kinks and waves.  What we were created to be is perfect and in the image of our Creator.

Do it for YOU! Do it because it feels right. Do it to rid yourself of chemical addiction and the causative effects and affects of lifetime usage.  Break free and embrace a healthy wholesome approach to a beauty regimen.  Learn to care for natural hair, and not break the bank doing it.  Let’s not forget what natural means.  It doesn’t mean getting addicted to more products but less.  Look to your kitchen for answers, think smarter and make good choices.

Why do it?  It’s a good idea, that’s why!

Natural Hair in the Workplace


Natural Hair in the Workplace

The inspiration for this post comes from a video I found via my BFF, and my latest channel subscription on Youtube to ShugaNaps.  This sister engages her viewers in a meaningful dialect describing her experiences as a natural in the labor force, particularly when it comes to job interviews.  I think it’s important to represent yourself how you are most comfortable on an interview.  A true representation of self on the interview (and as a first impression) is always best, but I’m aware that everyone does not feel the same way.  Watch the video and feel free to discuss your thoughts!

Natural Hair on Interviews