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Transitioning to Natural Hair: Where to Begin?

First Step to Transitioning: Learn the Difference Between Caring for Natural and Relaxed Hair

When transitioning  to natural hair, the first thing you have to realize is that taking care of natural hair required methods that are totally different from the steps to care for relaxed hair.  The moment you have this revelation, your transition became much simpler.

Natural/kinky  hair must be manipulated with product in it.  Your dry hair would be a total mess to deal with in its natural state.

Natural Hair is not to be “wrapped”, but best to be manipulated gently and secured with a soft satin or silk bonnet at night.  You may also opt to sleep on a silky pillowcase at night in order to maintain the oils, prevent dryness, and to avoid breakage.

Natural hair gets/feels dry quicker than relaxed hair. The natural hair still produces sebum (natural oils) from the scalp, however, it is harder for the oils to travel down the hair shaft (especially with kinky/curlier hair).  Do not shy away from keeping the hair oiled regularly.

You are moving towards becoming natural now, DON”T FEAR WATER. A little H20 never hurts, and with natural hair, unlike relaxed, you may bring on the water!  You no longer have to run from the rain, but embrace a little mist on your hair.  Natural hair loves moisture, and water based moisturizer are great for maintaining elasticity and overall healthy hair.

Remember these simple tidbits when managing your hair, it may make your transitioning to natural hair that much easier!  God bless you on your journey!